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Our Partnership Will Grow a Gift For Generations

That is, truly, a gift for generations.

Your sponsorship will give loved ones a home where they are treated with dignity, care, and compassion as they reach the end of their lives.

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Sponsor Benefits

Boost Awareness

as a socially compassionate organization.


to thousands in the Albuquerque Metro Area.

Receive Brand

placement on marketing materials, both digital and print


When Generosity Blooms

Daffodil Days will be held March 16 – 17, 2023 benefitting the Presbyterian Robert Wertheim Hospice House. The Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation is celebrating 40 years of this community event selling and distributing fresh-cut daffodils in the Albuquerque metro area.

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Partner With Us

Partnering with Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation provides the opportunity for businesses and organization to position themselves as socially responsible community members by activating unique brand exposure and alignment with other philanthropic, compassionate community leaders.

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No Place Like Home

The Robert Wertheim Hospice House offers patients and families comfort in a homelike setting. Care focuses on helping patients be as comfortable as possible when medical intervention is no longer possible or desired. Families can convene with their loved ones during this delicate, cherished time giving them time and space to reflect, reminisce, and connect with each other.

This one-of-a-kind facility in central New Mexico is a home operated by Presbyterian Hospice and the committed support of $500,000 annually to be raised by Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation for operations.

Partner With Us

Your sponsorship will help ensure that more than 300 people annually can have an end-of-life setting that is comfortable, peaceful, and dignified.

That is, truly, a gift for generations.

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