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Your sponsorship will help ensure that more than 300 people annually can have an end-of-life setting that is comfortable, peaceful and dignified.

That is, truly, a gift for generations.

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Our Partnership Will Grow a Gift For Generations to Come

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Expose your organization to an audience of 10,000+


Boost awareness as a socially responsible organization

Receive brand placement on marketing materials, both digital and print

And much more!

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When Generosity Blooms

Daffodil Days is an annual event aimed at supporting Presbyterian Hospice patients and their families in times of need. For more than 30 years, Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation and the community have partnered to prepare, sell and distribute fresh-cut daffodils across the city.


The 2022 event will raise funds for the new Presbyterian Robert Wertheim Hospice House, a dedicated facility that will give new options to patients and their families during a critical and vulnerable time in their lives.


Partner With Us

Partnering with Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation provides access to a valuable and engaged demographic of over 10,000 community members and philanthropic leaders, both corporate and individual, in the community. Proposed is an opportunity to align your organization with one of the leading organizations in New Mexico, while increasing brand exposure throughout Albuquerque and the surrounding areas.



Building a Home

When keeping a patient in their own home is no longer an option, the next best alternative is a comfortable, home-like setting where he or she can be treated with dignity, care and compassion.


With your help, we can fulfill an unmet need in our community: Opening the first and only full-service Hospice House in Central and Northern New Mexico. It’s hospice – complete with doctors, nurses, and care providers, plus emotional, spiritual and social support.


And, it’s home – a place where the patient can find refuge in their private room and comfort in their pain, united with family and loved ones to share meals and memories and celebrate life.

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